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The president summoned hospitals and private clinics to care for the sick before the overflow of intensive care units.

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) of Paraguay issued this Tuesday an epidemiological alert due to the increase in cases of coronavirus among its health personnel, while the Government requested private help in a situation that it became dramatic and with alarming forecasts.

The Government of President Mario Abdo Benítez summoned private hospitals and clinics to care for the sick due to the overflow of intensive care units in public centers,

“Given the increase in cases of Covid-19 in health personnel, the General Directorate of Health Surveillance launches an epidemiological alert“the MSP stressed in a statement.

Between March 13 and September 4, 8,442 health personnel were certified who had been exposed to the virus or suspected of infection.

From them, 1,246 received laboratory confirmation that they had been infected, which is equivalent to 6% of the total confirmed cases, with three deaths,

“The highest percentage of infections occurs in the healthcare setting, among health personnel when they are without adequate measures, “the ministry added.

The Secretary of State warned that “observes a sustained increase in cases in health personnel since Epidemiological Week 32, with an increasing trend “.

Faced with this situation, the MSP issued several recommendations to different authorities.

He advises national, regional and district authorities extreme sanitary measures upon detecting outbreaks in the health facility, while the directors were asked to “provide individual protection equipment and strengthen infection prevention and control teams with human, physical and computer resources.”

Regarding health personnel, it requests that preventive measures be maintained during patient care, in moments of rest and in common areas, as well as in activities outside the healthcare environment.

In Paraguay, 23,353 people have been infected with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic and 449 died because of this disease.

Hours before, the Government convened to hospitals and private clinics to treat coronavirus patients when intensive care units in public centers collapse.

At the end of August, the Executive extended to this Sunday phase four of the smart quarantine, which makes confinement more flexible, with the exception of the Boquerón Department and the Carmelo Peralta district, where it returned to phase three due to the increase in cases in the zone.

In the capital Asuncion social quarantine measures are maintained, while in the Alto Paraná They continue with phase zero, that is to say that the residents can leave their homes alone to buy food or medicine.

“We are at the top of the therapy beds, especially in the reference hospitals,” said the Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, in statements to the newspaper ABC Color.

The president of the Paraguayan Society of Pneumology, José Fusillo, advised that 100% of the respirators in the intensive care units were occupied.


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