Paolla Oliveira surprises the web by similarity to her niece: ‘Mini you’

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Paolla Oliveira gathered photos with her 5-year-old niece to celebrate the girl’s new age. “Today is the day of my teddy bear Lorena! Auntie is so happy to see that smile always plastered on her face. May this new year bring more health, love and reasons to laugh,” wrote the artist, praised by celebrities in a video in which she showed samba na pé on social networks. However, it was the similarity between the two that caught the attention of the actress’s followers.

Netizens are surprised by commonalities: ‘A mini you’

Several followers of the actress – currently back on the screen as Jeiza in the special reprise of the soap opera “A Força Do Querer” – pointed out how similar they were. “Lolo is your face, Paolla! I love it,” said one. “Lorena is a mini you!” Exclaimed another. “Are you twins? Beautiful!” Joked a third. “They look like a mother and a daughter! Even a smile,” said another. See more photos of the two together in the gallery above!

Paolla, aged 38, froze eggs

In a recent interview, the 38-year-old artist said she decided to postpone motherhood. “I froze my eggs a while ago. I think it is healthy for me to be able to choose whether to be a mother or not,” said the global. Girlfriend of coach Douglas Maluf, with whom she wears a commitment ring, she stressed the importance of having children in her family. “In the meantime, I have a certain view of motherhood because I have three godchildren, a teenager and other minors,” he said.

Actress recalls cosmetic surgery in the past: ‘Lipo on thigh’

In a chat with Giovanna Ewbank, Paolla explained that she tried to change her body with aesthetic intervention in the past. “I had a surgery, which was a lipo on the thigh. Not on the thigh, but on the outside because I wanted to make my legs thin. I saw that it is not quite like that, it is the body style, my biotype. Nothing happened and things are here “, pondered the actress, praised on the web in a bikini photo with a retro look. She was even asked about her desire to go up to the altar. “I never participated in this ritual, but I think that marriage, more than anything, is to live with people,” he said.

Paolla will be in the soap opera

And the artist’s fans have a certain date to see her again in the soap operas. She will be the protagonist of “Cara e Coragem”, a plot of seven scheduled for seven o’clock on Globo. The soap opera will be the replacement for “Quanto Mais Vida Melhor”, successor to “Salve-se Quem Puder”. The new work is expected to debut in mid-2021.

(By Marilise Gomes)


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