Pantry makes an exception for top sports contests during hard lockdown

The top sports competitions, including the Eredivisie in football, may continue from the coming weeks, despite the hard lockdown until at least 19 January how the cabinet announced on Monday nighttime.

Competitions can start again from 12 , 17

Prime Minister Mark Rutte released in a speech from the Torentje additional stringent measures to halt the increase from the number of corona infections.

For example of this, schools, non-essential shops and spots such as cinemas and theaters need to close. All indoor sports places, such as gyms and sports admission, must also be closed.

Adults should exercise alone or in frames at a distance of at least 1.5 various meters and only outside. Children up to 17 years old are allowed to play sports activities outside as a team and play fits among themselves.

The government has produced an exception for top sports competitions like the Eredivisie: top athletes may continue training and play matches.

The crews in professional football could be completed in recent months. There is a rigorous corona protocol. The other top sports activities competitions have been halted since mid-October.

Last week, the cabinet has announced a plan to restart the top leagues throughout fields including hockey, volleyball, handball, netball and basketball from 12 , 17. The House of Representatives along with the Senate still have got to agree.

The unions in those sports have since been busy making plans to get started on again. The DBL decided on Wednesday that the basketball players will play fits again from January 16.



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