Palito Ortega was encouraged to one of the classics of Frank Sinatra’s repertoire

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The singer-songwriter recorded his own version of I wear you under my skin as a preview of his next album, in which he pays tribute to the greats of swing.

Palito Ortega is completely taken by the idea of ​​a compiled to the our use, which consists of picking up the glove of music that marked not only him but also a whole generation. Now, with the release of I wear you under my skin (I’ve Got You Under My Skin), second cut from a future album, Palito gets into the line of tributes to the golden age of the swing and also pays tribute to his “friend” Frank Sinatra.

The remarkable song of Cole porter was ennobled by the american crooner, whom Palito managed to bring the country in 1981 to appear at Luna Park and at the Sheraton Hotel. The new cut works as a preview of the work that will complete the trilogy of Sony Music which started, in 2017, with Rock & Roll and continued with Romantics 60’s (2018).

In this way, Ortega honors those great authors and singers who with these works marked him early in his career, there far and long ago, at the beginning of the revolutionary decade of the ’60s. In Rock & Roll, As its name implies, it covered great themes of history that were danced in the best dance halls. With Romantics 60’s showed her facet as a female singer. And now, in 2020, it seems to be the moment of “swing”, something like a jazz of good manners sitting at the table of Mirtha Legrand.

I’ve got you under my skin is a 1936 melody that was nominated for the award Oscar for the best original song of that year. It had been featured in the musical of MGM Born to Dance, where the actress and singer performed it Virginia Bruce.

Then the theme became an iconic tune for Frank Sinatra. Before it was recorded by a host of rock, pop and jazz artists, Sinatra first sang it in his own radio show (1946), and put his definitive stamp on it a decade later in a version with a Big Band who adapted it thinking about music Maurice Ravel. From then on, the epidermal harmony became an unmissable classic in almost all his concerts.

Other versions of the song made famous by Sinatra were sung by Ella Fitzgerald, Julio Iglesias, U2 Bono, José José, Neneh Cherry, Sammy Davis Jr., Gloria Gaynor, Diana Krall, Perry Como, Carly Simon, Michael Bublé and the sheet list continues …

In addition to the two singles already released –Beyond the sea– YI wear you under my skin, these are some of the songs that the album will include in homage to swing, still without title or departure date: Unforgettable (Unforgettable), Smile (Smile) Silly (Something Stupid), with her daughter Rosario, Night and day (Night and day) and a new version of the classic by Palito and Dino Ramos, Taste of nothing.

They accompany Palito in this challenge Mariano Braun (piano), Gabriel Taborda (guitar), Nicolás Rainone (double bass), Daniel Pipi Piazzolla (drums), Juan Pablo Ezquerra (vibrafón), Miguel Angel Tallarita (trumpets), Víctor Skorupski (saxophones) y Juan Canosa, in paper clips.

The first repercussions of recent premiere by Palito in YouTube they raised this kind of syrupy dust: “What an excellent version !!! And how well it collects the essence of the original lyrics of the song !!! “,” Grande Palito! “,” God take care of you and keep you forever “,” Excellent to close your eyes, while it rains and listen to this song … .SOS THE ONLY DEAR KING! ” “Excelent topic. Very wise to true love. I congratulate him. “

The Argentine singer’s relationship with Sinatra comes from afar, from when La Voz was in Buenos Aires invited by Palito in 1981. The artist set foot in Buenos Aires when he was 65 years old, without being in the best moment of his career, he sang at Luna Park and also at the Sheraton Hotel. Ten days. That was how long his visit lasted. It had landed in Ezeiza on August 2. The tickets for their shows went out one thousand dollars! and Argentina, in those days, suffered a devaluation of the 400% That complicated Ortega, who was one step away from bankruptcy.

On August 5th Sinatra wanted to eat pizza. Palito, who acted as a long-suffering host, took a sudden pleasure in the kind of appetite exhibited by the best performer of My Way. Suddenly, the concerns of the businessman turned aside in front of the possibility of recommending the name of Angelín, a famous pizza stronghold that is still in the Villa Crespo neighborhood.

Sinatra had the pizza delivered to the Retiro hotel and that shipment remained in the collective memory as the day Frank Sinatra invented delivery in Buenos Aires. For later, there would be the financial disturbances that Palito had to overcome, starting almost from scratch very far from here, in the United States, and with a little help from a great friend that had been done a short time before in Buenos Aires: a certain Frank.



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