Pakistan passes a decree that will allow to castrate and even hang those convicted of rape

The federal cabinet of the Government of Pakistan has approved on Wednesday two decrees to fight against increasing number of violations suffered by the country, as reported by various local media.

The new rule changes the definition of “violation” and facilitates the application of chemical castration and even the hanging sentence for the condemned, though not in public.

As reported by the local newspaper Dawn, the new definition of rape includes transgender people and gang rapes in it for the first time and prohibits controversial virginity tests. It also establishes a special court for this type of crime, a crisis cell, and a victim and witness protection program.

The recent sexual assault on a woman and her five-year-old daughter in the town of Kashmore is just one of many such criminal acts that occur in the country on a daily basis. Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his sadness for this act before the cabinet of ministers, to whom he affirmed that “these crimes are not tolerated in any civilized society”



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