Headache is the most common form of problems expression in humans and one from the frequent reasons for medical consultation. In fact, more than 90% of the people in Spain has suffered an episode connected with headache at some point in their life, since highlighted by the Spanish Society connected with Neurology (SEN), in a declaration on the occasion of National Pain Day last April.

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In this sense, when the headache is actually a symptom of another condition, such as sinus infection, it is called secondary headache. So, primary headache is seen as an single pain and is the most common inside the general population, being the tension style and migraines the most prevalent.

“Other types of primary headache, such as alternative compression headache, cold stimuli, treatment abuse, cough, physical exercise, associated with sexual practice, etc. are also quite common,” gives Dr. Sonia Santos , coordinator from the SEN Headache Study Group.

Rest and reduce stress levels

Treatment will depend on the affected person, the type of pain, its location, in addition to whether you will discover other symptoms. However, there are home remedies to alleviate the discomfort which are based, fundamentally, on maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

Only in Spain migraine affects more than three and a half million adults.
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In the case connected with tension headaches, one from the main recommendations of the Mayo Clinic experts is rest and learn to control stress levels. “One way to reduce stress is to prepare and organize your day,” and “allow yourself to relax for longer.” Some relaxation techniques can help greatly reduce stress and avoid headache episodes including meditation or yoga.

On other hand, it is recommended applying heat or perhaps cold using ice packs, very hot showers, or using hot patches and towels to alleviate the pain. In addition, it is advisable to maintain a good body healthy posture so that the muscles do not strain.

Tips to relieve pain

Other care that you can do in the home to treat pain naturally are the subsequent:

  • Maintain proper hydration, preferably by means of water intake.
  • Carry out a assorted and balanced diet.
  • Practice workout on a regular basis.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol in addition to tobacco.
  • Maintain a daily routine to get sleeping and eating. Good sleep care is essential to prevent headaches from showing.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to screens including computers, mobile phones or tablets, specifically before sleeping.