PAHO warns that a safe vaccine against COVID-19 will take time

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The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) warned that a “safe and effective & rdquor; against COVID-19 “is not around the corner & rdquor ;, despite the efforts for its development.

Although the whole world is rushing to develop new tools to prevent and cure COVID-19, a safe and effective vaccine that can be manufactured and distributed on a large scale is not around the corner & rdquor ;, said the director of that organization, Carissa Etienne, in a virtual press conference.

The expert also warned that in the last week the American continent “It reached two grim milestones: more than half a million deaths and nearly 15 million confirmed cases of the disease.

Increases in infections

Etienne’s claims come after it became known that clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine developing the Oxford University and AstraZeneca, one of the most promising in the world, were resumed after being interrupted by an adverse reaction suffered by a volunteer.

The representative of PAHO observed that the spread of the virus has yielded in some parts of the region, such as the United States, where a reduction in reported cases has been observed, although he warned that these figures mask the fact that there are still areas within this country in which “increases worrying & rdquor; in the number of cases.

“The situation in other countries is even more complex & rdquor ;, he pointed out, mentioning how in some areas of Colombia border with Venezuela it has been seen that cases have increased “ten times & rdquor; in the last 15 days.

The pandemic advances in the region

Alerted of “similar patterns & rdquor; in Argentina and “drastic increases & rdquor; cases in Jamaica, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. In the case of Mexico, she noted, mortality rates are “increasing in some areas & rdquor;, as in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Bolivia.

“This is a stark reminder that countless people in our region continue to be vulnerable to infection, especially large populations that have not been exposed & rdquor ;, he added.

Etienne also alluded to the fact that the decision of many countries in the region of resume social life and public for reasons that he considered “understandable & rdquor ;, such as the need for children to study, for families to receive resources and not to stop” forever & rdquor; world trade.

But he warned that opening too soon, gives you “more space & rdquor; the virus to spread and put the populations at risk.

Apply effective measures

“We must not look beyond Europe, where several countries that previously flattened their curves, are now seeing a resurgence of infections & rdquor ;, sentenced Etienne, who called for leading daily life” in a new way & rdquor ;, maintaining the social distance and with adapted public spaces, among others.

The official referred, in this context, to the need for countries to work collectively to prevent people with symptoms or who have recently been exposed to the virus can travel, now that this activity has begun to gradually reopen.

Elections in various countries

Similarly, he went to Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and the United States, countries that are preparing to celebrate elections and invited them to have “careful planning & rdquor; to prevent the spread of the disease.

“Governments should lead national efforts to ensure that public health measures are in place for in-person voting and that citizens are aware of how to keep their safety and that of others at the polls,” said Etienne, who mentioned that there are countries that have changed their election dates or are implementing methods such as the absentee ballot or through digital technologies.



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