Manny Pacquiao is an institution in the world of boxing, and that’s why his next fight with Conor McGregor He has raised great expectations and the Filipino wants to be up to the task.

Although he is the great favorite, given that it will be played on his land (details remain to be clarified), Pacquiao does not want to trust himself and has started a very tough training routine to get in line that has already become a true mass phenomenon. Literally dozens of people accompany you every day, like highlighted ‘Men’s Health’.

The day starts early, around 6:30 in the morning. Of the six days a week that he works, three of them do double sessions, morning and afternoon, whose schedule changes.

On days with a double shift, before eating, he gets into the ring with a sparring (your compatriots Jhack Tepora, Genisis Libranza, John Riel Casimero, Jayar Inson and his brother Bobby, as well as some US Army veteran who trains in his gym). In the morning, light training, continuous running, and some cardio and strength.

The other days, he focuses on improving one of his great virtues: the speed of his legs. To do this, you will Griffith Park, one of the most spectacular parks in Los Angeles, where he performs 14 km of hill running. Spend two hours of running on an unsuitable climb, then focus on your lower body with plyometrics (with jumps) with which he improves his explosiveness. To finish, he thrashes 1,500 sit-ups.

Motivating music and dozens of people around you

One of the great peculiarities of seeing Manny Pacquiao train is that he does not do it alone, far from it. His usual team of coaches and trainers are joined by dozens of fans who try to keep up with him. Sometimes it has come to gather almost a hundred people, turning Griffith Park into a setting that some popular races already wanted.

Pacquiao, like many athletes, trains with music. He himself has admitted that he loves the music of the 80s, and one of his favorite songs is ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, by Journey, but it also has songs from the Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rolling Stones the similar.

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