The nephew of the Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar Nicolas Escobar says he found $ 18 million in one of his uncle’s homes.

The nephew found a hiding place between the walls of an apartment in Medellín. Nicolas Escobar has lived in the apartment for five years.

Escobar, a Colombian television channel with Red + Noticias, claims to have found a money cache thanks to the vision he received.

– Every time I sit in the dining room and look towards the parking garage, I see a man step in and disappear, he says.

– The smell inside was astounding. One hundred times worse than someone who is dead.

If you don’t see the Twitter embedding, you can watch the Red + Noticias TV tweet with the video from here.

However, according to the drug baron’s nephew, some of the banknotes had gone into unusable condition.

In addition to the money, he says he found in the cache a typewriter, satellite phones, a gold fountain pen, a camera and a film reel that has not yet been developed.

According to Escobar, this is not the first time he has gotten into the grain from his uncle’s hiding places.

Pablo Escobar’s assets are estimated to have been as high as $ 30 billion. He died in an armed clash with police in 1993, when he is said to have been the seventh richest man in the world.