Pablo Alborán has published this Thursday If you had wanted, the first topic of what will be his fifth album, which is named Vertigo. The song, with which the artist seems to open up even more to his audience, sounds very different to what the Malaga has done so far.

On the subject, which has been composed by Alboran with Diana Fuentes, the song title repeats constantly like a mantra while it is accompanied by a simple but careful instrumental. As the singer-songwriter himself said in a meeting with the press, the new composition arose from a beat processed from your own voice.

“Here it is … from the heart, for the heart”, said the musician on Twitter after the publication of the single. Along with this has come a very careful video clip directed by Sandro Supping and produced by Cavia, responsible for the music videos of some of the most important international artists on the globe.

The music video for this new song accumulates more than 100,000 views on YouTube and it is the first piece of which he will compose the new work by the Malaga composer. The new release has become a trending Thursday afternoon on Twitter with the hashtag #If you had wanted, where users have shared their reactions when listening to the song.

Vertigo will be the relay of I promise, album with which Pablo Alborán returned after two years away from the stage and that has taken him on a tour of our country and many parts of the world.

The new album, which will be composed of 12 songs, will have 2 collaborations. At the moment, it is unknown when this new work will be released to the market.