The Osbourne family stars in the special program The Osbournes: Night of Terror, which will be televised at the Halloween party in the United States. In Finland, it will be available on Dplay + from 31 October.

A foretaste has been released on the TV channel With your Travel Channel Instagram account. Ozzy, 71, his wife Sharon, 68, his daughter Kelly, 35, and his son Jackista, 34, has been captured in a recent group photo. Missing from the picture is Aimee’s daughter, who has always shunned publicity.

This is the first time since January that Black Sabbath legend Ozzya is seen in public of his own free will. In August, paparazzi pictures were taken of him in which he looked like a shadow of himself.

In a recent photo, however, Ozzy poses looking good. The grayed-out hair also appears to have acquired a new color on the surface. Ozzy shows the camera a mouth with a smile.

Ozzya has not been seen much more in public this year, as he has remained in corona isolation even because he belongs to the risk group.

Ozzy said in January he contracted Parkinson’s disease. In addition to this, she has suffered from a number of health problems last year, including surgery on the spine and a flu that required hospitalization.

Ozzy recently said in public that he was planning a trip to a Swiss clinic where he would receive treatment for his Parkinson’s disease. Because of Korona, that trip was canceled.

In early August, he gave an interview to SiriusXM where he updated his health information.

– I haven’t recovered quite 100 percent yet, but maybe about 75 percent. This is a slow recovery. Spinal surgery is a bad thing, I have been in pain due to bad for Mars, and I still have a lot of pain, Ozzy said in an interview.

He also said he was in such severe pain in places that he believed he was going to die, but that he had already stopped taking painkillers.

However, a recent picture, as well as information about participating in a television program, suggested that the man’s condition had improved.

In addition to Ozzy’s perky nature, the recent photo draws attention to Kelly’s daughter, who has undergone quite a transformation and is being praised by Some. He poses in the picture, considerably slender.

Kelly said she lost 38 pounds this week with obesity surgery. He said in the podcast, he attended exactly the gastric sleeve surgery two years ago. In surgery, part of the stomach is removed. Kelly has said she is extremely pleased with the outcome of the surgery.

Osbourne also reminded in the podcast that surgery is not a panacea for weight loss. Weight will start to rise equally if you don’t exercise and eat properly, even if you have had surgery.

– It just moves you in the right direction. That is, anyone who is considering something like that should really think about it.

Osbourne went on therapy a year before surgery to get rid of the mental problems associated with weight gain in her.

Kelly has mostly shared facial images of herself somessa.