Fans of Arsenal they were shocked after the London club announced the dismissal of your pet, ‘Gunnersaurus’, due to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. However, Mesut Ozil has taken a step forward by offering to pay Jerry Quy’s salary, the man behind the beloved dinosaur.

Some British newspapers, such as the Daily Mail, noted that Quy is so loyal to his work that even he missed his brother’s wedding for fulfilling his role as mascot and from the newspaper they wondered what sense it makes to fire him when players like Özil, who hardly counts for Arteta, earns about 350,000 pounds a week.

Yes, own Ozil has come to the decision the club so Quy can keep his job.

“I am very sad that Jerry Quy aka our famous and loyal mascot ‘Gunnersaurus’ and integral part of our club, he was fired after 27 years, “wrote the German midfielder on his social media.

In addition, he assured that “I offer myself to pay Arsenal the full salary of our big green man as long as I am a player for Arsenal so that Jerry can continue with his work that he loves so much, “he said next to the hashtag ‘justice for’ Gunnersaurus.”