Enrollment in the British company’s global clinical trial of the vaccine, which is being developed in collaboration with Oxford University, was suspended on September 6, after a participant in the UK experienced a serious adverse reaction, considered to be a rare inflammatory condition called transverse myelitis.
Safety assessments were performed after volunteers enrolled in the clinical trial to test the candidate vaccine, called AZD1222 or ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, developed unexplained neurological symptoms, including changes in sensation or weakness in the limbs, and the study was suspended during the safety assessment. according to the document.
“After an independent evaluation, it was considered unlikely that these conditions were associated with the vaccine or there was insufficient evidence to state with certainty whether or not these diseases were related to the vaccine,” the document said.
The clinical trial was resumed in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa, but not yet in the United States.
AstraZeneca and Oxford University did not immediately respond to requests for comment.