Captain of the Finnish national football team Tim Sparv, 33, and the Czech Tubettaja Model Jitka Nováčková, 28, are waiting for their firstborn. Fresh We Women in an interview, the couple tells how the love between them ignited.

The spark ignited immediately

The couple tells the magazine that they have met for the first time at their common friend’s birthday party in Denmark. Someone was immediately impressed by Tim with his voice and appearance. Even after the first meeting, it was clear that the spark ignited.

– Jitka’s ambition and caring nature impressed. I got the feeling that this could become something, Tim tells the magazine.

Before meeting Jitka, Tim had been single for 1.5 years.

The couple first lived for some time at a distance when they lived in different countries. Jitka has little good to say about the long-distance relationship.

– In my long-term relationship, there is nothing good in me other than the fact that after seeing a lot of effort in building and maintaining a relationship, it is not given up immediately before the first adversity, Jitka tells the magazine.

Now the couple lives together and there is a life change ahead. The couple, who are expecting their firstborns in early February, are eagerly awaiting family life.

– I think the first child puts things first, Tim tells the magazine.

Source: We women