‘Ovidio Guzmán denies being ‘El Chapo’s son to evade US extradition: “I am not the person they think”.’

The “identity” resource is a way for the defense to prove that the accused person is not who the authorities are looking for by presenting official documents and DNA tests. At the first hearing of his extradition process, Ovidio Guzmán stated that he is not the person that the United States claims he is. The US government is demanding Ovidio’s extradition to face charges of criminal association and drug trafficking in courts in Illinois and New York. The defense is trying to buy time to postpone or avoid extradition by using the identity resource and has three days to present evidence. Ovidio Guzmán, also known as ‘El Ratón’, has another 30 days to show other resources that could be useful in postponing his extradition. In other news, Ovidio Guzmán’s father, El Chapo, is a notorious drug lord. The Mexican government does not have control over at least 20% of its territory, according to a declassified State Department report from 2018.

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