Oversized collar: street style inspirations to bet on the trend!

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During the season of the International Fashion Weeks, a trend was slowly arriving and was soon present in almost all street style looks. It is the oversized collar, also called big collar, which gives a very special touch to the look of the day. Purepeople gathered some tips on this trend for you to be inspired and give an up in your production. Know more!

The oversized collar varies according to your style

The advantage of this trend is that it combines with different styles, there are already different models of big collar. The darling collar among fashionistas is the Victorian princess version, off white, with lacy fabric and full of ruffles. For those who enjoy a more office style, the pointed collar in tailoring is best requested. It also has the most discreet versions, restricted to the front only, as well as the most maximalist styles, which also involve the back.

The overlay with the oversized collar leaves the look very stylish

A fever in the 90s, overlapping is a very stylish way of merging pieces and testing new combinations. And with the oversized collar you can also invest in this trend! As the collar keeps the lap more covered, the tip is to use more dry pieces at the bottom, such as tailoring shorts, skirts or even jeans. For those who enjoy more volume, it is also worth investing in overlapping with more puffed-up sleeved shirts. It looks very charming!

The oversized collar in the same shade of clothing is ideal for discreet

For those who do not have much intimacy with the big collar, it is worth starting slowly. A style that hit the street style was white collars over colored pieces, but a more discreet alternative is to use the oversized collar in the same tone as the whole production or, at least, the same color as the shirt, to give the trick.

The maximal collar can also be fake

Speaking of trickery, a good tip for those who don’t have an oversized collar to call their own is to use ruffles as a resource. On the catwalks and street style, many invested in this trend to decorate the production instead of the collar. To give more personality and break the more romantic mood, invest in less obvious accessories, like chunky boots.

(By Marina Couto)


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