Outrage in Pakistan over gang rape of a woman in front of her children

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The gang rape of a woman in front of her two sons After the vehicle in which they were traveling overnight ran out of gas on the road, it has triggered a wave of indignation in Pakistan, which calls for urgent measures due to the lack of protection for women.

This Sunday one of the two suspects of participating in the rape surrendered to the police“He denied any involvement in the incident and also said that he had not used the traced mobile phone number,” said Fayyazul Hassan, a spokesman for the government of the eastern Punjab province, where the incident occurred.

“The police have taken a DNA sample and confirm your involvement. At first every criminal denies it. We are sure it is one of them and the other will be arrested soon, “he concluded.

The rape occurred on past day 9 at night on the Lahore-Sheikhupura highway in Punjab, when the attackers took advantage of the fact that the woman’s vehicle ran out of gas to rob her, abuse her in front of her children and then rob her.

The event soon aroused indignation in Pakistan, an unease that was on the rise after a high command of the Police of the regional capital, Lahore, Umer Sheikh, instead of condemning the rape, wondered during a televised interview how the woman’s family had allowed him to leave night.

“No one in our society should allow our sisters and daughters traveling alone so late“Sheikh said, according to the local newspaper The Express Tribune.

On the 10th, the Government of Punjab appointed a special team to investigate what happened and, 24 hours later, it was decided to go to a DNA census due to the lack of progress, which led to the identification of the two alleged rapists among the residents of the area.

As the search for the rapists continued, this Saturday, hundreds of people, mostly women, they took to the streets in various cities in Pakistan to protest “patriarchal violence against women,” according to the different calls.

Among the points claimed by the organizations that called for the protest were the petition to the authorities so that guarantee justice in case of abuses, with effective investigations and speedy judicial processes, in addition to the accountability of the high command of the police who blamed the women based on common “myths”.



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