Great indignation and controversy in Argentina over several photos that employees of the Pinier funeral home, the one in charge of preparing Maradona’s body for the wake, they were made next to the corpse of the Argentine legend.

The photos were posted on social networks and users automatically repudiated the action, which It has reached the media and the prestigious lawyer, and friend of ’10’, Matías Morla.

The lawyer has been in charge of identifying the employees who committed such immorality and ensures that Won’t stop until they pay for that disrespect Maradona’s corpse, his memory and the entire family of the ex-footballer.

Morla used a video of the moment when Maradona’s corpse arrives at the funeral home to identify the subject who posted the first photo, who in the video appears waving to the camera while riding in the vehicle that transports the body of ‘Pelusa’.