Outdoors and with “World Cup” style cups: how the draw for the new Professional Football League will be

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It will be held from 2 pm and thus the six groups of four teams of the first phase of the contest that will begin on October 30 will be defined. How it will be played. Who will be the drivers.

The formation of the six groups of the new First Division championship, which will begin on October 30 and will mark the premiere of the delayed Professional Football League (LPF), will be raffled this Friday from 2 p.m. at the AFA property, in Ezeiza.

The ceremony will be at fresh air– to comply with the social distancing imposed since the coronavirus pandemic broke out- and will have the participation of players from the 24 participating teams: the captains of the 14 AMBA clubs (including the two in La Plata) will be present in person and, via Zoom, those of the remaining 10.

The drivers of the draw, without a bowling pin and with “World Cup” style cups, will be Luli Fernández and Pablo Giralt. The footballers will be accompanied by a manager from each institution. The event will be broadcast through the AFA’s social networks on Facebook and Instagram and will be hosted by Javier Grosman.

The sanitary measures will be taken from the same access to the Julio Humberto Grondona property and, according to AFA sources, the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, Matías Lammens, will also participate in the act.

The LPF will start on October 30 and end on January 17 of next year, with a super compressed schedule. In the first stage the 24 teams will be divided into six zones of four members who will play home and away matches – a model similar to that of the Copa Libertadores group stage. For the draw, the teams will be divided into four cups.

The best two from each area will access the championship zone -in which 12 teams divided into two groups of six will participate- and the two worst will go to the complementary zone -the other 12 teams will be, also parties in two groups of six-. In that instance, each team will play five games -only the first leg- and the location will be determined by the sum of points from the first phase.

The winners of the two championship zones will play a single match final that will not only define the owner of the star that will be at stake, but also a place for the Copa Libertadores 2021. For their part, the winners of the two complementary zones will play one final whose winner will fight, also in a single match, for a place in the Copa Sudamericana 2022 with the loser of the final for the championship.

Two clarifications. The championship will not count for the table of relegation (suspended until 2022) nor will it have the day of interzonal or classic matches, as was originally thought. The only possible confrontation of the traditional ones will be San Lorenzo-Huracán, which do not share a ciborium, but it will not happen either, at least in the initial phase: the Parque de los Patricios club will automatically go to another group if it falls in the same area as the Boedo team.

The return of the First Division tournament, with the launch of this unique competition organized by the Professional Club League, it will be the kickoff for the return of the remaining categories of Argentine football. Thus, the First National will resume on November 7 and two weeks later it will be the turn of the restart for First B, First C, Federal A and Women – a Cup called YPF will be played-, while the December 6 is the scheduled date for the return of the First D.

The AFA also warned in the last hours to the clubs of all categories, through a statement, “that 48 hours before the next Executive Committee meeting (on Wednesday 21), the tables of the different divisionals must present the form of dispute of the small tournaments that will define promotions to the higher category. ” Yes, football was stopped for more than seven months and, amid disputes and quarrels, no one thought about how the competition would continue.



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