Otmar Safnauer: The results of qualification are ambiguous

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Racing Point is ambiguous about the results of qualification: if Sergio starts from the second row behind two cars Mercedes and Red Bull Max Verstappen, then Lance Stroll was not lucky, and he could not get into the final session.

Sergio Perez (4th): “I am very pleased with today’s result and I think that 4th position is the maximum that could be achieved, because the drivers of Mercedes and Max Verstappen are very fast.

In qualifying, we were able to get ahead of our closest rivals, this is the main thing. The session was not easy as the wind direction was constantly changing; it was also interrupted by the fact that it was interrupted by the red flags.

Thanks to the team, we were able to have a great all three sessions and get the most out of the car. It is difficult to count on the podium on this track, but at the start, because of the long straight line leading to the 2nd turn, anything can happen. If we start well and work properly with rubber, I think we will be able to compete for a high result tomorrow. “

Lance Stroll (13th): “The day was difficult. Everyone was waiting for the last minutes of qualification and tried to go to the track when the red flags were removed. Unfortunately, while we were in the pit lane, the engine began to overheat, so we had to shut it off for safety reasons.

This is frustrating as we regularly qualify for the final this season. But on the track in Sochi, I have not yet managed to find the right rhythm, and now I need to analyze everything in detail in order to perform more confidently tomorrow.

It’s not easy to overtake here, but we have a fast car. If we can start well and win back some positions in the first circles, we will get a chance to earn points. “

Otmar Safnauer, team leader: “The results of the qualification are ambiguous, and even a small difference in the lap time significantly influenced the final result.

Sergio deservedly climbed to 4th position, this should allow us to use the good pace that our car is capable of with maximum efficiency. Lance starts 13th, mainly due to the red flags that interrupted his best lap in the final minutes of the second session.

Because of this, a queue of cars formed on the pit lane, as we tried to guess at what point the session would continue. Unfortunately, the powerplant started to overheat and we asked Lance to shut down the car. Today he deserved a better result, but tomorrow we will be able to perform confidently, at least we have the opportunity to choose tires for the start of the race. ”



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