In the spring of 2019 after the league finals he played in Kärpi Oskar Osala, 32, has not returned to the ice.

However, he has not quit – “officially” – but is like an extended break.

– There is no looking spark. The back gate is open, but I find it quite unlikely, Osala will answer the question about her possible return.

It would not stick to its physical condition.

– I’m actually really good condition. I’ve played a lot of tennis and padelia, and I’m in the gym enkkakunnossa. If the spark happened to return, then in half a year I would be back to normal.

The fun disappeared

With these prospects, Osala’s playing career ended at the top early. The reasons for this he says openly honestly.

– Yes, I liked it. If the season lasted two or three months, I would love to do it for a long time to come.

– But even one season requires such a drastic commitment and it is such a drastic project that it loses the fun.

When I was younger, Osala was so hungry and motivated that hard training and Traveling didn’t feel heavy yet.

– When things change, even one season feels like quite an effort. Especially for a player of my style, it requires a really hard workload, the 193-centimeter and 110-pound stubborn suggests its physical role.

– It’s a really grueling job. I wanted to jump out of it as soon as I had a chance. There is so much more to life than hockey.


The opportunity for a respite and the search for a new direction was offered to Osala thanks to his extensive puck, above all from the long start in the well-paid KHL.

– The good financial situation provided an opportunity to listen to the heart. Certainly grindaisin and I would have continued my career for a few more years if there had been a different situation.

Osala played hockey professionally for more than a dozen years. The Sport-breeder, who already debuted in Mestis in 2004, beat the Espoo Blues in the Finnish Championship League in the silver season 2007–08, when he was chosen as the Newcomer of the Year.

After that, he gained experience in the AHL, three matches in the NHL and seven seasons in the KHL before returning to the Finnish Championships and Oulu Kärppi, where Osala played his last matches so far and left the bowl with a silver medal.

He has had championships once in the AHL Hershey (Calder Cup) and twice in the KHL Magnitogorsk (Gagarin Cup).

Golf fascinates

Osala has already changed species. He started his golf hobby twenty years ago, and since the hockey freeze he has already participated in golf competitions.

– Golf is a hobby for me, but when I am such a staid and dwell on things, you really good at this time will be the number of hours, she laughs and says that he was doing a telephone interview alkaessakin putt exercises in the garage.

– I enjoy this a lot.

Osala, who lived in Spain last winter, competed on the Costa del Sol professional tour on the Gecko Tour, to which amateurs are also welcome.

– In the summer I also played one race in the Finnish Tour as well as the Finnish Championships and Erkko Trophy, which is the biggest amateur competition in Finland. I am still far away from the Finnish national-level peak, playing with a handicap of 0.0 Osala says.

– I love competing and I will continue to compete, but it won’t be a profession for me.

As a coach?

As for sports, Osala’s profession is likely to be found in the future as well.

– It could be something about pudding or golf, but at least not playing golf.

– Time will tell. I would first like to get bored properly before I start working seriously. It’s not even close yet.

Osala, known as a top expert in strength training, has already taken small first steps in the direction of coaching on the hockey side.

– Yes, it’s a little interesting. I like coaching really much, but so far it even feels bad when you think about how long one season is and how much you travel. I also know how many hours coaches spend on their work.

Osala does not feel ready to commit to such a heavy project.

– Often those projects last a couple of years. Commitment to such requires quite an infinite passion. At least I don’t have that yet, even though it’s a meaningful job.


However, Osala has found a new, enjoyable job in hockey, where she can make use of the data bank she has accumulated during her career.

He has made his debut as a hockey expert at Viasat in the Jokers KHL matches, and in the Karelia tournament in early November he will join the lion team of TV5 and Dplay.

The man’s clear and colorful outlet and the courage to say his opinions directly raise the question of whether the future profession could be found on the media side.

– Everything is possible. It’s been really nice – especially when you don’t have to travel. You can watch top hockey in Helsinki and share your own opinions about it.

– I may not enjoy that spotlight, but the TV cameras don’t excite me either, it’s pretty natural for me. It is not known whether more should be done in the future, Osala ponders.

TV5 and Dplay will present, among other things, all EHT tournaments, the World Championships for under-20s and the Women’s World Cup. The A-national team season starts from the Karelia tournament on November 5.