Today the sad news was released that Oscar Yasser Noriega, “Akira”, died of COVID-19, this as mentioned by his wife on social networks.

«Akira» is considered an entrepreneur and one of the most influential video game journalists in the country, since in 1996, at the age of 17, he founded Atomix, one of the first media specialized in video games in Mexico and Latin America, even becoming considered the video games in the region several years ago.

Oscar Yasser Noriega is remembered by many colleagues and friends as a person who always sought to bring more of Japanese culture to Mexico, in fact, in 2013 he founded a company called Pocket Supernova Inc, which was based in Tokyo, Japan, and whose main focus was the development of applications for smartphones. This company is the creator of PocketVideo, an application for video editing that remained among the most popular video applications in the App Store for 3 years.

Likewise, he was also in charge of founding companies such as SCLBits, a digital marketing agency, and Wadisabi Design Inc, a company dedicated to the development of products in augmented, virtual reality and video games, and which began operating in 2018.

Akira never put aside his passion for video games, and for a long time he worked together with another iconic character in the industry in Mexico such as Gus Rodriguez, who also passed away last April.

He currently had a popular podcast called Nerdcore podcast, which also includes former Unocero team members Dany Kino and Pato Gonzalez. The Unocero team mourns the passing of Oscar Yasser Noriega and wishes his family, friends and colleagues a speedy resignation.