Oscar Ruggeri’s words about Diego Maradona that made everyone excited on television

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El Cabezón spoke for 50 minutes about the star’s situation: “It’s time for Diego’s daughters to get together and take charge.”

They were companions of adventures. Neither more nor less than three World Cups together: Mexico 86, the one of the consecration; Italia 90, that of the miracle; United States 94, that of disappointment. Warriors of a thousand battles, captain and sub-captain with the Argentine jersey, forged a friendship off the pitch that could have continued with a fourth World Cup, South Africa 2010, but Julio Grondona avoided the coach-assistant field pair.

Because of that close relationship, Oscar Ruggeri’s opinion on Diego Maradona’s health status was expected.

In the program “90 Minutos”, by ESPN, the pigheaded spoke for almost an hour about the situation of the Ten. And he moved everyone with his words. To his companions on the floor and to those who heard him on TV.

* “It was a mistake to take him to the court on Friday for his birthday tribute. It was not right. He is happy on the court but not that day. It wasn’t Diego. The Diego we know no “.

* “We were world champions, but this kid is something else. Don’t talk about Maradona because you don’t know what it is to be Maradona. This kid, off the pitch, had no life. Could not. It is very difficult. I would love to be Diego, but on the court, of course. Not outside, not at all. “

* “Talking to him today is impossible. Direct? Call him and have him attend you? No. And we were together for 11 years in the National Team. A few years ago he spoke, yes.

* “We had organized with the 86 boys, we had a van and we were going to fall by surprise in a training session, without telling anyone. We were organizing and this pandemic caught us.”

* “I talk to Matías Morla, who tells me everything. Morla is not there with him all day. The messages they send you I know are not from him.”

* “I tell him Armando. It’s not easy and you don’t want to make a mess. Imagine if I go home … Forget that he screams and passes by. Imagine that three or four of us fall and they tell you: ‘Not today’. We have to give a steak to the one who tells us: ‘Not today.’ We want to laugh and have him laugh for a while. “

* “If Diego were in good health, today he would be the president of FIFA. Surrounded by elite European players, we would be in Conmebol, everywhere, forget it … “.

* “It is time for Diego’s daughters to get together and take charge. He died for them. Family is fundamental.”

* “Everything is not normal in life. You also have to say no to Diego, even if it hurts. And if you are not qualified to do it, go away, master. Go away because it doesn’t work. “

* “He must be the best known guy in the world. You used to say the Pope, but no, the Pope kisses his hand.”


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