Oscar Ruggeri’s outrage at the return of Sebastián Villa: “I don’t like what Boca did; this country is a joke”

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The former defender disagreed with the club’s leadership for allowing him to play the forward, with a court case for gender violence.

After 239 days, Colombian Sebastián Villa returned to play in the Primera de Boca. Even with the cause of gender violence open in Justice, after being denounced by his ex-partner Daniela Cortés, the forward jumped to the field after the authorization of the Soccer Council of the institution chaired by Jorge Ameal. And the matter aroused the indignation of Oscar Ruggeri on Monday.

“I do not agree with Villa having played. And whatever comes to me, I bank. In my head, cowards … I can’t be there. The cowards who beat the girls. I have three daughters. And here in Argentina one news covers the other news and we don’t know what happened, “said the former player on ESPN.

“Brilliant were the words we said here when Boca said: ‘Villa out until Justice determines it’. And as if nothing … pim already the track. What happened? We do not know. And those things happen to us Argentines in a lot of other things. And go ahead. It is filed over there, what do I know. I don’t like what Boca did“, expressed the world champion with the National Team in 1986.

Continuing his speech on ESPN’s 90 Minutes program, he added: “I didn’t know. When I saw that he came out to play, I said: ‘This country sucks’. We will never improve. One news covers the other. He had to continue as he was until Justice determined what happened. Let him train and get paid. Because if not, each one … “.

Ruggeri added: “The girl appeared with her face hurt and … Is everything going on as if nothing? It is not like that. I have three daughters. Something like that happens to me and the balls are going to play. Is she going to play like that? nothing?”.

And he closed: “I never raised my hand to my children and one comes from outside and continues as if nothing because he is a soccer player. I do not accept it. I applauded Boca at the time. Now I say very badly to whoever it is: Riquelme, Ameal … I’m not interested, let them come and tell me what they want. I do not deal with the cowards who beat the girls“.


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