Oscar Ruggeri, spicy with Boca and with the Bombonera: “What happened in these 13 years?”

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The Cabezón assured that other stadiums, without so much history, are more complicated.

“La Bombonera beats, vibrates, moves”. That phrase is repeated by countless players, coaches, fans. Boca, in addition to being known worldwide for its titles, its history, Diego Maradona, Juan Román Riquelme and many of its great figures, is also admired for its stadium. For many, the Xeneize court has a great influence on the matches, scores goals, saves penalties and will lock up against rivals. However, Oscar Ruggeri, a former defender of the club, was encouraged to question that effect.

It all started in a discussion about what Boca loses when playing without an audience compared to other teams. And there, next to the 90 minute panel, the pigheaded assured that the fans are important, but it diminished the importance of the pressure from the Bombonera.

“We are talking about Boca’s court that trembles, that moves … It does everything. The court goes, gets up, goes here, there. How long has it been since Boca won the Copa Libertadores? 2007? So it has been 13 years since he won it, what happened these 13 years? Did your heart stop, didn’t it move? Didn’t he jump? “He shot.

The opinion of the world champion in 1986 with the National Team gave cause to speak, and he added his own experiences: “I played in the Copa Libertadores with the River shirt there and nothing happened to us. (Carlos) Bianchi, but after 13 years nothing happened. Why didn’t he win the Cup often afterwards? “, He launched. And it raised a stir in the xeneizes networks.

While at one point the pigheaded, who played 147 games in Boca and then went to River, said that the fans of the Xeneize has its specific weight, he said that there are stadiums where more pressure is felt than in the Bombonera.

“There are other fields, out there without so much history, and they are complicated,” he shot. And he said that the Cilindro de Avellaneda was one of the venues in which he was insulted the most. In the same way, the Monumental, the Atlético de Tucumán and Colón fields stood out.


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