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El Cabezón recounted his worst experience with the Xeneize barrabrava during his time at that club.

The controversy of Oscar Ruggeri’s pass from Boca to River remains in the memory of many fans who continue to accuse him of “traitor”, a term that Roberto Passucci brought to memory the 35th anniversary of his famous kick to the pigheaded. In light of this situation, the world champion recalled that he had one of his worst experiences during his time at Xeneize, alongside Diego Maradona, when the bar, whose leader was Grandpa, threatened the entire campus.

“The worst squeeze I ever ate, they were all with a gun. A hundred guys with a hundred revolvers. I was 19 years old. They surrounded us and sent us to the living room. We were against a corner that had no door or window. And it started Grandpa, with a black revolver that you could see the bullets. ‘Look guys, it’s very simple. Today we come to talk. We do not want to do anything, we are calm. Tomorrow afternoon we want to be champions. Otherwise, they will have a hard time, ‘they told us. And the next day we won 1-0 with a goal from (Hugo) Perotti. This is how we lived day after day. And we won that championship, if not, I don’t know what those crazy people would have done, “said Ruggeri this Wednesday, on the program 90 minutes, by ESPN.

The incident took place in August 1981, before the consecration of Boca in the Metropolitan. And the world champion in Mexico 86 highlighted the courage of today’s Gymnastics coach, who was with him that day: “Diego stood up and they told him ‘Maradona, it’s not with you, we’re talking to the others.’ down and I didn’t listen to what they were saying. I said ‘what am I doing here? I want to play soccer, I don’t know why all this happens to me.’

As for the leadership at that time in Boca, the now panelist said that “they were unpresentable.” And he added: “One day the president came and introduced us to the vice with another name because he was a fugitive from justice. You don’t know the decisions they made. We didn’t have shirts, we drove to the field, we ate with the fans and Grandpa. Sometimes we didn’t even finish eating. “

But the thing do not ends there. Added to all the things that happened, the pigheaded He added that the president did not pay the salaries to the players. “I trusted the store, the greengrocer and the butcher shop because I had no money.”

Finally, Ruggeri stopped wearing the blue and yellow shirt to put on River, his eternal rival. And he recalled: “I entered River and it seemed that I had entered Europe. They charged, no one complained, there were prizes, they had clothes. In Boca we had to paint the number on the white shirt.”


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