The organizers of the big Untold and Neversea festivals have announced that they are starting the preparations for the 2021 editions, following discussions with the state authorities. In addition, Edy Chereji, communications director of Untold and Neversea, announced that they are preparing a new big festival that will take place in Timisoara, and the first edition will take place in 2023.

“It simply came to our notice then The city of Timisoara, but this is not a coincidence! We are on a field that in the next 2-3 years will turn into a recreational area and cultural space, unique in Romania. 365 days a year will be the pride and joy of the people of Timisoara, a few days a year will be home to a new festival, with a new concept, designed to promote Timisoara and the western part of the country. So, UNTOLD is in Cluj, Neversea in Constanţa, and in Timişoara we are preparing a new festival that will complete the experience of the two above! There is a long but beautiful road ahead, until 2023 when we cross the threshold of the first day of the festival. He was frowning, his mind open and let’s get to work, “Edy Chereji posted on Facebook.

A difficult time for the events industry

The UNTOLD and NEVERSEA festivals continue their preparations for the 2021 editions, and the dialogue between the Romanian Government and the representatives of the events industry, as well as the work plan proposed by the authorities, give even more confidence in the return to normalcy of the cultural and entertainment sector. 2021, is shown in the communiqué sent “Adevărul”.
“We believe that this dialogue, transformed into an efficient way of working through which the state authorities consult with specialists in the private sector, those who are ultimately affected by all this period of freezing of activity, is a step towards normalcy and return to the normality that everyone wants.
From those who work to bring joy, to those who attend events to recharge with joy and energy. In fact, we, Untold and Neversea, were among the initiators of this dialogue with the authorities from the beginning of the pandemic, when we went to the authorities and made available our human, logistical resources, partnerships and even financial resources.
We know that it was a difficult period for everyone, we know that a prioritization was needed, we know that there were industries that may not be as affected as those in our situation, 100% affected for over 12 months, but I understood that those industries have a much greater impact on the economy, I understood the need to stage and address these priorities. But once these things are in place, we are glad that we have found understanding and that attention is being paid to our industry, as has happened during this period in many European countries, where governments have supported event organizers.
We are confident that all these measures will help us save the entire ecosystem and that in 2021 we will be able to bring joy to people again through our events, ”the event organizers said.