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Due to a good performance against Italy, the criticism on the Dutch national team was somewhat silenced this week. An adapted tactic gave the new national coach Frank de Boer the success that he could use more than well after two disappointments. Two experts about how things should continue with the Orange.

‘The other staff members could also have intervened’

De Boer was “100 percent” sure. If his tactical intervention against Italy had not worked out, the criticism would have been harsh. With the choice of a 5-3-2 line-up instead of the usual 4-3-3 formation, he made a daring bet, but it had an effect in the form of a nice 1-1 draw.

The grumpiness of the first two games led by De Boer (a 0-1 defeat against Mexico and a 0-0 draw against Bosnia and Herzegovina) was thus pushed into the background, especially as the game was fresh and frivolous for the first time. and there was even a victory in it.

“Orange has played in three different systems,” said former international Hedwiges Maduro. “So nobody knows how they will play next time. That can be a very big weapon. De Boer now has to answer the question whether this group needs stability or flexibility.”

Adri van Tiggelen already knows roughly the answer: “It is wise to see what you have in store. The Dutch have mostly played 4-3-3, but maybe 5-3-2 fits better with this group. Running in the defense the best players and in the attack it is all quite limited “, said the former international who became European champion with the Netherlands in 1988.

Donny van de Beek provides the equalizer against Italy. (Photo: Pro Shots)

After three unsuccessful adventures abroad, De Boer is against many appearances. And then he also has to compete against the successful rule of his predecessor Ronald Koeman, who guided the Netherlands to the upcoming European Championship and reached the final of the Nations League last year.

“The previous national coach had just that little bit more luck that the goal did come at the end of the match”, said an exasperated De Boer after his debut week. “I can remember quite a lot of matches that it was close. I am just unlucky that we did not succeed against Bosnia and Italy.”

“The game was better under Koeman than in the matches against Mexico and Bosnia”, explains Maduro. “There was a certain strength and energy in his period. All players can play football well, but if they also fight for each other, then Orange is really good. I missed that against Mexico and Bosnia.”

“I agree with De Boer in itself,” says Van Tiggelen. “In recent years it was not all hosanna, but what people remember is of course the final place in the Nations League. It is easy to score to blame De Boer for the recent disappointing results.”

“I also disagree with all criticisms of De Boer”, Maduro added. “He could have put Berghuis against Bosnia in the base, but there is also a whole staff around him who could have intervened. They all discuss the line-up and then it is not right that all arrows are on De Boer. targeted. “



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