Orange and Montblanc launch Summit 2+ with MultiSim capability via eSIM

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Orange y Montblanc have reached an agreement whereby the telecommunications operator will market the smartwatch Montblanc Summit 2+ in Spain and France. This launch will materialize in the Spanish market on next August 3, through all its channels, in colors Steel Black Calf, Black DLC Black Rubber Sport y Bronze Colored Steel Khaki Calf. Orange customers can purchase the Summit 2+ with 4G connectivity from 39 euros per month if purchased in installments (24 months), with the brand’s unlimited data offers.

This is the Montblanc Summit 2+

It is a smart watch that has the solution Wear OS by Google and 4G eSIM connectivity, with Orange’s MultiSIM service through which it is possible to share the mobile number and the 4G data voucher of the main line on the clock. It provides values ​​such as being able to have exclusive applications such as Stress Manager or Workout Coach, the personal trainer who plans the workouts.

Servicio MultiSIM

This Orange service, compatible with the GSMA eSIM standard, allows you to have the advantages associated with the main line on the watch, also in situations where you do not want to carry the smartphone. By means of the eSIM compatibility, the multiSIM can be contracted by accessing the customer area, through a 100% digital process.

Product Catalogue

The launch of Montblanc Summit 2+ adds a new dimension to the catalog of orange smartwatches in Spain, by joining a brand of recognized international prestige. ‘Montblanc takes another step in the sector of wearables luxury with its new Summit 2+, which offers even more competencies through Wear OS by Google ‘, he says Nicolas Baretzki, CEO of Montblanc. ‘Designed to be a powerful everyday companion, Summit 2+ connects with the world around you, allowing you to stay active and connected at all times. “And, as noted, Enrique de Porres, Director of Commercial Strategy and Devices of Orange Spain, ‘after having been pioneers in 2018 in the launch of the eSIM for smartwatches in the Spanish market, we are proud to have the opportunity to
provide the best mobile connectivity to the new Montblanc Summit 2+. This launch will allow you to benefit from a new range of connected watches, combining Montblanc quality, experience Wear OS by Google and Orange connectivity, combined with the freedom provided by using eSIM with MultiSIM ‘service.

The idea behind the machine

Montblanc launched its first Summit in 2017, to present the Summit 2 in 2018, which was a notable improvement in addition to a reduction in diameter from 46 to 42 mm, a height of 14.3 mm and a strap width of 22 mm. . With the Summit 2+ the brand adds a key functionality: intelligence connected in a traditional aesthetic.

Summit 2+ enables mobile connectivity in the app Wear OS by Google for Android smartphones. It integrates a Snapdragon 3100 processor, a 440 mAh extended battery and a 1.28-inch AMOLED screen. With its built-in speaker, the Montblanc Summit 2+ allows the owner direct access to services such as phone calls or the Google Assistant.


The Summit 2+ includes a suite of outdoor applications with a speedometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, and GPS.

By having Google Assistant, all notifications, including incoming calls, messages, social media updates, and calendar events, are synced directly to the smartwatch from a smartphone or by direct connection from the mobile network. Provides built-in smart responses and other easy ways to respond with handwriting, keyboard, or voice dictation.

The spheres remain visible at all times with the mode always active ambient color, and provides a full day of battery life with Wear OS by Google. Battery life can be extended by an additional 3-5 days by disabling the smartwatch functionality.


Travel features include app Timeshifter (created by Montblanc) that provides personalized advice on the watch face to minimize jet lag based on sleep pattern, chronotype and flight plan. Used by astronauts and athletes and based on the latest technology applied to sleep patterns and circadian neuroscience, the app manages updates and instructions on the watch face, helping travelers to adapt to a new time zone.

The funcionality Travel Info provides information relevant to the traveler, and the voice-activated translator offers direct translations from a multitude of languages, right on the watch face. With the addition of Google Pay, you can pay without cash.

Fitness control

The device integrates an assistant smart virtual fitness, with VO2max, which recommends exercises and adjusts to physical needs in a personalized way, providing the appropriate rhythm as well as the levels of training intensity.

Stress levels can be tracked and managed to improve personal well-being as it features an improved heart rate algorithm. The built-in GPS allows accurate tracking even when you are away from the phone. The watch is IPX8 rated, allowing it to be submerged up to 30 minutes.

A plus of design

With the configurator incorporated in the model you can access more than thousand combinations of the clock face to customize gauges, background, hands and complications.

The different case finishes – black DLC steel, stainless steel, rose gold steel and bronze colored steel – can be combined with a variety of interchangeable strap options, each priced at 125 euros. Each watch is equipped with a rotating crown and two additional programmable pushers.


The Montblanc Summit 2+ is priced at about 1,190 euros.




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