A Russian court has ordered an opposition leader Aleksei Navalnyin the apartment was seized and his bank account was frozen, says his spokesman Kira Jarmysh.

According to Jarmysh, the measures were taken while Navalnyi was lying in a coma hospital in Berlin.

The most confusing behind the seizures of the Navalni property is a video made in 2018 about a school food company. That company is known as “Putin’s chef” Jevgeni Prigožinin attribute.

A video made by Navalny and his partners questioned the safety of school food company products after a large number of children in Moscow schools had received food poisoning.

In October 2019, the court ordered Navalny to remove the video from the internet and pay the company about $ 980,000 in damages because the company’s business had suffered from the video.

“Welcome to Moscow”

President Vladimir Putin the critic and leading opposition figure was shortened on a flight from Siberia to Moscow on 20 August. He was taken for treatment to Berlin, where, according to samples taken, Navalnyi had received the novitok neurotoxin.

Navalnyi was released from the hospital on Wednesday. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday that Navalnyi is free to return to Moscow “as he wishes”. Peskov wished Navalny a speedy recovery.