The $ 1 million Nobel Prize from the Bank of Sweden went to two Stanford University researchers this year. Paul Milgrom and his teacher Bob Wilson had done pioneering research on auctions.

The award, announced in Stockholm on Monday, hit the middle of a California night, and both Milgrom and Wilson were in a deep sleep as news rushed around the world.

Eventually, the Nobel Committee got Wilson awakened to tell him about the award. Milgrom, on the other hand, had no contact, so Wilson had to leave in his wee hours to visit his students’ home.

Wilson pinched the neighbor in his nightgown and slammed the door so that the research fellow woke up.

– Hello, a sleepy voice answered the door phone.

– Paul, this is Bob. We have won the Nobel Prize, Wilson announced.

– They have tried to reach you, but have not succeeded.

Eventually, Milgrom was caught in the end of the wire.

– I was in a deep sleep when the doorbell rang at two in the morning. I saw Bob’s face, and he said we won the Nobel Prize. That was pretty good news.

Milgrom already became the third Wilson student to win a Nobel Prize. A Finn who studied at Stanford Bengt Holmström kicked the certificate of honor in 2016.