The Chinese Armed Forces, the People’s Liberation Army, has made a propaganda film for their Air Force simulating an attack on an island base.

The destination is very similar to the U.S. Pacific naval and air base in Guam. Accompanied by fast-paced music, Chinese bombers strike the island, the explosions are spectacular.

They are spectacular because they are made for high-budget Hollywood movies.

Guam flies into the air

In the video, the pilot presses a button and the missile launches towards the runway on the beach. In between, a satellite image has been cut showing exactly the Andersen air base in Guam, USA.

The music goes down. In the pictures, the ground vibrates, then an aerial picture of the explosion is shown.

The Chinese have quoted handsome explosions from at least three American films in their Air Force propaganda film: The Hurt Locker, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and The Rock – Return to Hell, writes the news agency Reuters.

The dream was edited from American movies

The video, published on social media by the Chinese Air Force, has had several million viewers. The accompanying text of the video states that “we (the Air Force) are defenders of our homeland, we have the courage and determination to protect the homeland from the sky”.

Eye-catching Chinese have also noticed that the most spectacular scenes have been stolen from American films.

– It turned out that our dream of a great power had been put together by editing American movie clips, one commentator wrote on social media.

– This is a promotional video of our country, why don’t we use our own pictures, another Chinese commentator wondered.