The safety of the little ones when traveling by car It happens by using a good child seat that meets the minimum requirements required by law. To check if the models that are for sale in the market meet these standards, the Real Automóvil Club de España has launched the second edition of their 2020 Child Restraint Systems report.

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of child death

Of the sixteen models evaluated in total, Only two child seats have been suspended with a single star as evaluation (the maximum is five stars): The Babystyle Oyster Capsule and the Capsule with DuoFix ISOFIX Base. The reason for the failure is not because of the malfunction of these seats, but because of their components,

The RACE analysis has found that the textile covers of these two variants from the same manufacturer contain toxic levels of TCPP and TDCP, two ignition retardants that can be harmful to health. The maximum amount of these materials that can be present in toys and other objects for children’s use is regulated in the European directive 2014/79 / EU.

And it is that this type of test not only evaluates the characteristics related to the specific use of child seats, as has been verified. Other aspects that are evaluated, beyond the existence of harmful or harmful materials or substances, are:

  • Security. A good chair must protect in any type of accident, such as those developed in quality tests.
  • Easy to use. Various studies have shown that, often, errors occur in the use of child seats, so they must be simple to use and intuitive.
  • Ergonomics. The child should be comfortable and relaxed when using these restraint systems.

None get an A

Car seats for children and babies have not always existed, since the first laws regarding them were established in 1985. Today, it is not only illegal not to have a seat in the car if a young child is traveling in his inside, but also leave the hospital with a newborn without one.
Are you traveling with children? Don’t forget to bring the right retention system

Another noteworthy aspect of this new RACE Report is that none of the sixteen models evaluated has achieved five stars. It is true that eight units have achieved four stars and six have achieved three, which the RACE has valued as a good general line. Despite the two suspensions, It should be remembered that all the analyzed chairs are approved for sale.

From the Real Club they have reported that not all models of child restraint systems fit all vehicle models, Therefore, it is important to know all the offer available on the market and select the seats that best suit the cars and the needs of each family and each child. You should never buy a car seat blindly.