Nelonen’s Only Life program celebrates the musician Reino Nordinin days. The artists gathered in the saddle castle tell one after another how they had the wrong picture of Nordin.

-Mulla was a bit different understanding of a fee, but now that I’ve seen the sun operation, so I can not understand how about a bright and captivating dude can have. And now a little ashamed, not a little. It has been a big, big pleasure to get to know my mouth, Mariska glows.

“Family is clearly extremely important to you. Children and your wife, you talk about them beautifully, Jannika B says.

Mr. Ylppö reveals that his acquaintance with Nordin has begun in sad signs.

“We didn’t go down in history just like on the right foot, but it has been apologized and forgiven,” says Ylppö.

Ylppö and Nordin do not want to tell in more detail what happened in the past. This makes Ressu irritated.

-Let’s start and then don’t tell, that is fucking, Ressu snorts.

Nordin finally agrees to open up a bit of a nasty situation.

“Mr. Ylppö attacked me personally through the beliefs he had received from the media or some screamers,” says Nordin.

-Some was a new thing then. I admit I was wrong, Ylppö says.

Only life is seen in Nelonen and Ruudu on Fridays at 8 p.m.