Only in Korea had Facebook not been fined: what did it do with the users’ data with this money

Globally, Facebook is doing a very bad job of protecting user data on the largest social network. For this reason, fines are foreseeable.

About $ 6.1 million is the value of the latest fine received by Facebook. This time, the charging came from the South Korean authorities, on the grounds that the social network shared with third parties the data of about 3.3 million users without their consent.

The fine was handed over by the Personal Data Protection Commission of South Korea, an authority very similar to the one responsible for enforcing the GDPR within the European Union. The case that led to this fine came under the scrutiny of the Korean Communications Commission in 2018, and the investigation will soon be the responsibility of the CPIP, mentioned above.

In the end, according to the data obtained by Yonhap News, The CPIP established that the social network shared the personal data of 3.3 million users in South Korea, out of a total of 18 million affected by the problem, between May 2012 and June 2018, noting that there was never a explicit agreement in this regard. All the information reached different third party companies to be monetized.

Shared data includes people’s names, home address, date of birth, work experience, hometown, marital status. To better understand the gravity of the situation, according to the South Korean investigation, Facebook shared this information with up to 10,000 other companies.

Because Facebook is famous for its lack of transparency in relation to the authorities, in the end, it was not very clear how much data was shared with third parties, because the American giant refused to provide all the documentation required by the Korean authorities. On the other side of the barricade, Facebook officials said they fully cooperated with the investigation. This is the first fine received by Mark Zuckerberg’s company in Korea.


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