Without a doubt, typically the theme park of Nintendo It is one of several attractions that could most excite typically the fans of the company.

Did anyone ever imagine that the fantastic worlds connected with Nintendo could they be taken through fiction to reality? Probably not.

However, after months of delaying enhancement in the context of the global outbreak, Shigeru Miyamoto did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate fans an extensive video of the internal of the park a few days after directing you to shown some pictures of the pretty much finished park.

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An in-depth look at Excellent Nintendo World

There was no better solution to get to know the theme park of Nintendo what with Shigeru Miyamoto, the man powering successful like The Legend connected with Zelda O Donkey Kong.

Although they had already shown some graphics of the theme park, we had not really had the opportunity to enjoy an official trip to unravel many of the secrets that hides Super Nintendo World.

Miyamoto has acted as master connected with ceremonies with a 15-minute tour with the new venue in Universal Galleries Japan, enough time to let yourself become enveloped in all the magic of Nintendo in real life.

In the collection, it is possible to observe how the universe manufactured by the company is a true reflection of countless of the famous games of Nintendo, although sometimes the appearance of the accessories humans at rides they ruin some of the effects.

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In order not to spoil your surprise, take a look at the following video:

It is striking that Nintendo reveal so many details about your park, although you probably want to create more expectations for when it is finally open to the public.