OnePlus It is one of the most relevant Chinese companies today and has officially made the decision to come to Mexico to compete with other manufacturers.

In fact, the last year has been especially important for OnePlus, since it has positioned itself as one of the 5 premium brands globally thanks to its specific strategies and key innovation.

For this reason, its arrival in Mexico represents great expectations, since the country will have a new alternative accessible to consumers and best of all, there is already an official launch date.

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OnePlus arrives in Mexico

Through a statement, OnePlus has set its official release date.

The company confirmed the date on which it will officially present the technical, innovative and design characteristics of the first device with which it will open the market in Mexico.

The importance of OnePlus is that the company offers a two-year warranty for updates and softwareas well as three years of security updates.

In six years, the brand has launched more than 13 premium mobile devices in more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

Next November 24th will be the day that OnePlus hold a launch event in digital format.

“With the unveiling of our device that marks the arrival of OnePlus technology in Mexico; We are sure that the community will adopt our equipment very well as they are designed and developed based on their needs, whose strategy we adapt to the Mexican market. At the event, they will also be able to learn more about the characteristics and history of our brand that we are sure, many were already waiting for ”. added Jesús Mejía, Corporate Communication Manager for OnePlus Mexico.

Through streaming, OnePlus will show a new smartphone, but it is not yet specified which one it will be, so, for now, everything is a great mystery.

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We will be attentive to the launch event. Are you excited about the arrival of OnePlus to Mexico?