One year after his death, José José is the favorite singer of young people

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According to Spotify, since his death 5.6 million playlists have been made with his songs.

José José, singer-songwriter, musician and music producer who died in September 2019, broke the records of his own morbidity and not only transcended generational barriers the day after his death – where his stream increased 900%! -, but one year after that date, he is the favorite singer of young people, such as Spotify reported.

“More than half a million young people between 18 and 24 years old discovered the singer’s music. At the end of 2019, 1.8 million people listened to José José for the first time on Spotify around the world and more than 300 thousand listened to him more than any artist in 2019, ”the platform detailed in a statement.

A year after his departure, the platform announced that the popular singer keeps his good name intact when he arrives, in that streaming, to 5.6 million playlists generated with their songs.

“The legacy of José José remains valid in young people: the 41% of the singer’s listeners are between 28 and 44 years old, while 37% are between 18 and 27 years old. 22% are older than 45 years ”, detailed the study dedicated to the singer who sold 18 million copies, had countless international successes, received nine nominations for Grammy, sold out tickets at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall and earned the nickname “Mr. Sold Out.”

Per month, 4.8 million people they listen to their music on the platform. Mexico, her country of origin, tops the list. ¿Top 5 Countries where José José is heard the most in the last month ?: Mexico, followed by the United States, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

The relationship with Argentina has a lot to do with his career: in 1970, José José released the song The ship of oblivion, by the Argentine composer Dino Ramos. With that theme, he exploded through the air and his name with an echo became the first great success in Mexico and Latin America.

From that success, José José was chosen to represent Mexico in the II Festival of the Latin Song (Festival de la Canción Latina II, predecessor of the OTI Festival).

The repercussions went far and in 1972 Frank Sinatra listened to him and called his representative to ask him to record a duet and a full album with that “phenomenon”. Finally, the collaboration was not possible, and not because of Sinatra, but because José José had a very severe exclusivity contract with his record company.

Currently, the Mexican hitmaker has, on the best-known music platform in the world streaming, almost three million followers only in his country, especially in Guadalajara, Puebla, Monterrey and Mexico City. That’s where hits like Hawk or pigeon.

Top 10 most listened to songs by José José (historical). One by one: The sad, The last goodbye, Loving and loving, Sparrowhawk or dove, Pillow, I doubt it, If you leave me now, We will give ourselves time, What was not will not be and The ship of oblivion.

On your side, YouTube register so far 51 million 767 thousand 329 video views which shows when José José performed The sad in 1970, during the Festival of the Latin Song. There she began to consecrate. Forever.



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