President of the United States infected with the coronavirus Donald Trumpille dexamethasone is given.

The drug is cheap, and it is has been developed in the UK.

The drug has been extensively studied at Oxford University research project, which has tested the effectiveness of existing medicines against the coronavirus.

Tests have shown that dexamethasone has reduced mortality among patients who have needed supplemental oxygen or a ventilator.

– This is the only drug so far that has been found to reduce mortality and it will reduce it significantly. This is a major breakthrough, the study led Peter Horby says.

After all, medicine is cheap. Day medication is paid for by a leading researcher Martin Landrayn according to only five pounds, or about 5.60 euros.

No help for asymptomatic patients

The results of the study suggest that for patients on a ventilator, one in eight people could be saved using the drug.

For those receiving supplemental oxygen, the drug would save the lives of every 25 patients.

Researchers say 5,000 people in Britain would still be alive if the drug had been used since the start of the pandemic.

Currently, the drug is used to reduce inflammation in a number of different diseases.

The medicine seems to alleviate the damage to the body at a time when the body’s immune system is overclocking in the fight against the coronavirus.

However, the drug does not appear to help patients with milder symptoms.

In the UK, the introduction of the drug is recommended in hospitals immediately, but people should not acquire it on their own for home care.