American actress Ted Danson has been married Mary Steenburgenin with already 25 years. The actors fell in love in 1993 when they shot together Pontiac Moon adventure movie.

Steenburgen has described Danson as follows:

– I thought he was the most amusing creature in the world.

Both Danson and Steenburgen had several differences behind them at the time of the meeting. Steenburgen had divorced his children’s father in 1990 and Danson’s daughter’s mother, Cassandra Coates, in 1993. Neither sought love, Closer-lehti know to tell.

– I had already declared to all my friends that the relationship was for me.

Danson and Steenburgen fell in love while filming a long scene together.

– We went paddling as friends and came back loving. We found each other when I was 45 and he was 40 – we had already had time to live a little, Danson has described falling in love with Oprah.

The couple share the same sense of humor.

Danson is known, for example, from the TV series The Good Place and Health. Mary Steenburgen is known, for example, from the films What’s Hanging Here, Henry Moon? and Elf.