Iltalehti wrote about Otavainen last month About Tapio Rautiainen, whose collection of football game costumes is the largest in our country. In the article “Tapsa”, Paimio Haka regretted the lack of uniforms, which caused a stir in the actual Finnish football communities. Adding to Rautiainen’s collection was considered an honor.

Rautiainen himself cannot specify why the outfit of the shepherd’s club had begun to fascinate him.

– I am always looking for new teams, so in that it was my routine. Paimio, who is refreshed, has only become familiar to me as a place to work when I train to Turku. The idea for the game costume came at a time when trains were still stopping in Paimio. Now InterCity pulls straight through the city, Rautiainen says.

Executive Director of Paimion Haka Mikko Seppälä says that he has received numerous Tapsa-related contacts, in addition to which he is a senior player of the club Niko Hörkkö informed Iltalehti that he wanted to help with Tapsa’s dilemma. Eventually, a soft package was sent to Mikkeli by the club.

– Yes, it felt weird to see in the big media that someone missed our jersey. It was obvious that we would react as quickly as possible, Mr Haka’s chairman Tuomas Hyssälä says.

Supporters of Paimi employees can be found in quite surprising places anyway.

– For example, we are just leaving a jersey for a bar in Salla, in addition to which we recently received a request from Sweden for a club pin, Hyssälä admires.

Place thoughtful

Paimion Haka is perhaps best known from the side of hockey, where the company made the documentary Long Exchange, released in 2014. In football, Haka is a lively, 450-member club whose national team plays in the Third. Tapsa gets the representation of the representation that has just ended his season.

– Yes, it feels great, although in the end this outfit is just one of the others in the collection. Of course, the place for the shirt has been considered ready, but it won’t be possible to pull it on this season, Rautiainen thinks

Where autumn is the golden age for hunters, so is it for shirt hunters.

– It is easier to get game uniforms at the end of the game season, so you have to manage hard, Tapsa sums up and lists half a dozen of his autumn outfit goals.

You can start preparing for Rautiainen’s contact at least in Lahti, Turku, Helsinki, Oulu and Mikkeli.