The viralization in social networks of photos of the three people who tried the coffin with Maradona’s corpse it has provoked a deep indignation throughout Argentina, and a wave of threats towards them.

On Diego Molina There are already rumors that he has been beaten up and is seriously injured, but not the Fernandez, Claudio and his son Claudio Ismael, which appeared in another image. The father has spoken in an interview on Radio 10.

The former employee of the Funeraria Pinier, who has lost his job due to this untimely snapshot, is justified in that the photo was neither made nor viralized by him.

“I am one of the people who do not think about taking photos of coffins or deceased persons out of respect. What can I tell you? We were arranging it, now to take it, and they call me ‘skinny’ and my son, like every kid, raised his thumb and they took the picture. I ask everyone for respect and forgiveness, “he said, justifying that he was even close to Maradona while he was still alive and a photo was never taken, even less with his body. “There is no intention. I know that many people have been offended, I know that they have taken it badly. They are calling me from everywhere. I know it bothered. But it never happened before, “explained Fernández.

“We were setting him up, now to take him, and they call me ‘skinny’ and my son, like every kid, raised his thumb and took the picture”

So why are he and his son posing? “If you see the photo – I’m the one with the glasses – I just raised my head. I was adjusting it, they told me ‘skinny’ and I just looked up and my son raised his thumb. Nothing else. It was something instantaneous,” reiterates the father, who assures that he just wanted to leave “Maradona as an idol.”

This photo, in addition to causing him to be fired, has generated serious concern for his integrity. “I have received threats. I am from the neighborhood, they know me. They tell me that they are going to kill me, that they are going to break my truck, threaten my children, and I am not that kind of person. That photo was not taken from my phone. , they got it from another, that’s the worst of all. I never thought they were going to upload it or that they were going to pass it to a group or make it viral. I apologize to the Maradona family, “he insisted.

Matías MorlaMaradona’s lawyer, has advanced that they will take legal measures against the Fernández and Diego Molina, but the barra bravas (ultras) of Boca and Argentinos Juniors have already taken charge of putting fear in their bodies.

“Nobody came to my house. The threats were made by phone, from a group of Argentinos Juniors. It doesn’t give saying who they are because they are defending an idol. I was also part of the Argentinos fans, I saw Maradona play when he started, I’m almost 50 years old, “says Claudio Fernández.