Born on November 8, 1943, in Bărcani (Covasna), Miron Murea participated as a stuntman and actor in the making of films such as “Mihai Viteazul”, “With clean hands”, “For the country”, “Revenge” (directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu ), “Burebista” (directed by Gheorghe Vitanidis), “Oak, extreme urgency”, “Ecaterina Teodoroiu”, “Iancu Jianu, the outlaw”, “Iancu Jianu, the zapciul” (directed by Dinu Cocea) or “Racolarea” (directed by George Cornea) . Later, he was the production director of films such as “Miss Christina” (directed by Viorel Sergovici) or “Azucena, the ebony angel” (directed by Mircea Mureşan).

Miron Murea was also a fighter with a decisive role for the victory of the 1989 Revolution.

“He was a special man, very kind, always eager to help those around him. I had the initiative to make a memorial service for my fellow stuntmen every year, but you realize that I couldn’t do everything in Paris. Sure, I sent the money, but Miron offered to take care of the whole organizational part, together with Jean Polizache. For the first time, Uncle Sergiu also honored us with his presence, not long before he died. Last year, Miron also had the initiative to award all the stuntmen of Sergiu Nicolaescu who are still alive at the UARF Awards Gala, he also spoke in this regard with President Cărmăzan. It turned out very nicely, it was also 50 years since the premiere of the film “Baltagul”, Mirea Mureşan was also among us then “, recalled, with sadness in his voice, the former stuntman Paul Misai.