If in the last few days you noticed that your phone’s battery was draining much faster than usual without you doing something different from what you normally do in your day-to-day life, then it is likely that this problem is to blame for of the most important Google applications on Android, as several users have reported that the latest update of the Play Store is causing major battery drain issues.

The worrying thing about this matter is that it is a problem that Google has not publicly recognized at the moment, and that we are not talking about a beta version of the Play Store, but an official update that began to be deployed last Thursday, September 24 In fact, at the time of writing this note there is still no new update available that seems to fix this problem.

What phones are presenting the problem?

In the beginning the middle Android Headlines mentioned that it seemed to be an exclusive problem for OPPO AND OnePlus phones, however, as the days went by, more users were joining the complaints on Twitter, and it is mentioned that other equipment from brands such as ASUS and Samsung also have problems, even there may be more models from other manufacturers with this problem.

For now, the developers themselves have tried to draw conclusions about what may be the problem, and they point out that everything could be related to the process in charge of downloads in the Play Store, so after downloading an application update the process remains active despite not being downloading, a situation that causes the battery to drain much faster because the application continues to work in the same way it would if it were downloading applications.

In the Twitter thread, some affected people mention that they have had to deactivate the service that is causing problems in the Play Store, however, another solution is to uninstall all the updates from the store in the same way that you would delete an application, but later installing the APK from the version prior to 22.0.18, which is the one causing the problem.

If you want to download the version older than the one that is causing the problem, you can download the APK from this link.