“We have reached the end of our powers,” Armin Lobscheid, the brothel’s director, told a newspaper. local.

Prostitution has been outlawed in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of the pandemic. About 120 sex workers work at Pascha, with the brothel employing nearly 60 other people as cooks or hairdressers.

Lobscheid criticized the way the authorities responded to the pandemic, saying their inability to say clearly when they could start some economic activities was catastrophic.

“They tell us every two weeks that we can’t reopen. We can’t make any plans like this. Maybe we would have managed to avoid bankruptcy with the help of banks if we had received promises that we could resume activity at the beginning of next year “, he explained. “Sex was still sold in the pandemic, but no one paid taxes,” Lobscheid added.

Some voices in the German public space are concerned about the fate of sex workers after the brothels closed, considering that their work has become much more dangerous due to the fact that they provide services on the black market.

In 2006, the Cologne brothel came to the attention of the media after a group of Muslims threatened retaliation for an advertisement displayed on one side of the brothel building. The ad contained an image in which the flags of the 32 countries participating in that year’s World Cup, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, were placed next to a half-naked woman.