Last Wednesday Google presented its new Chromecast with Google TV, which more than a Chromecast is a new dongle with Google TV that integrates Chromecast, although for commercial reasons Google has preferred to keep the name Chromecast, but it is important that you know that it is totally different from previous generations of Chromecasts on the market, and that’s not exactly a bad thing.

The great novelty of the new Chromecast is that it now comes with Google TV, which, although it looks like a new operating system, is actually a modification of what we already know as Android TV. Google has not specified if Android TV will continue to exist, but for now Google TV is exclusive to the new Chromecast.

Google TV is also based on Android, but what the company has done is use a launcher to change the interface, in fact, this launcher has already been published in the Play Store and some users have managed to install this new launcher on some televisions with Android TV, but it is likely that Google TV will end up replacing Android TV on all devices that carry this operating system.

Google Play Movies becomes Google TV

It has already become a custom in Google to change names of applications and services with the launch of new products, and this time it is time to make changes to Google Play Movies, one of the oldest Google applications that precisely has some importance on Android TV and on Android because it is the application that allows you to buy and rent movies from the Play Store, so all users who have ever bought or rented movies on this platform can see their content from Google Play Movies.

As mentioned 9to5Google, Google Play Movies will now be called Google TV, the same name as the new Android TV interface, in fact, if you search for a movie in the new Chromecast, you will see the option to buy or rent the movie you are looking for directly on Google TV, and not on Play Movies, although it is actually the same application.

This change will not be reflected only on Google TV, but an update will also arrive on Android with the change of name and logo, in fact, in the United States this deployment has already begun, so it is likely that in the coming days as well you see changes in the application.

Will this affect your content?

The answer is no, if you usually buy or rent movies on Google Play Movies you will not have any problem with this change, and on Android it will continue to work the same way, while on the new Chromecast you will be able to see all your purchased or rented content from a new tab called “Collection”.