One more! Felipe Titto gets a new tattoo on his back: ‘Frame for Our Lady’. Look

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Felipe Titto increased his number of tattoos. Taking a week off from “Dança dos Famous”, the leading actor of the competition visited a studio in Pinheiros, São Paulo. “I decided to make a frame in Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe that I have tattooed in the middle of the back for some time, to be like a big pendant”, he explains to Purepeople. “I am not religious but I have a connection with God and with Guadalupe”, he adds referring to the patron saint of Mexico. “I’m in love with tattoos but I can’t deny that it hurts a lot”, admits Theo’s father, whom he honored on the web for his birthday.

Felipe Titto approved new tattoo on the body

During the session, Felipe did not hide the slight annoyance with the needles and after the completion of the new tattoo the actor checked the mirror with the final result approving the drawing. Following all the safety protocols to avoid the contagion of the new coronavirus, the artist engaged in social causes left the mask site and, when meeting a colleague, insisted on showing the new body design.

Felipe leads ‘Famous Dance’ after 2 rounds

The 34-year-old actor stated that he has been dedicating himself in training for the competition that reaches its 17th season at “Domingão do Faustão”. And the effort has been rewarded. After two presentations (ballad and forró), Felipe leads the men’s team with 118.1 points against 118.0 for André Gonçalves. Marcelo Serrado comes in third with 117.8 and the countryman Belutti with 117.4 is fourth. Former player Zé Roberto appears in 5th place with 116.9 points. Over the weekend, the dispute was dismissed by Juliano Laham, diagnosed with a tumor.

Actor was bitten by the dog himself: ‘He tried to save me’

In October last year, the actor faced a scare when he tried to scare the pool at his home. Your dog American Bully breed ended up biting him and getting him 16 points. “Obviously I am not going to fight with him, his intention was to protect me. He doesn’t like people from home getting into the water, he makes it clear in his attitudes, that he is trying to save and get people out of the water” , he stated. “He was adopted and I do not know what was the history of trauma he had, but I believe it is a peculiarity of his”, added the artist already seen in soap operas such as “Avenida Brasil”, “A Regra do Jogo”, “O Outro Lado do Paraíso “and” A Dona do Pedaço “, his most recent role in dramaturgy.

(With Patricia Dias and counting Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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