One-minute works, by the San Martín Ballet

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It is a sample of his Choreographic Workshop, which can be seen on the web from Friday, October 2.

This year in which we live in danger – it is inevitable to remember this title of a Peter Weir movie from the ’80s – we got used to seeing shows on screens; among them, for those who follow the genre, a lot of dance of all kinds. Of what is offered there is a good amount of previously created works; but others, in a not inconsiderable portion, they were mounted in this same quarantine era; On this last modality, a program will be able to be seen starting this Friday, October 2, on the page of the Buenos Aires Theater Complex.

They are short pieces created by members of the Ballet Contemporáneo del San Martín, authors of their own works within a modality installed in 2017 and called the Choreographic Workshop; consists of giving the company’s dancers the chance to prove themselves as choreographers. Out of a total of sixteen scheduled plays, six last approximately four to six minutes; the remaining ten were conceived in a strict format: they are exactly one minute long.

Andrea Chinetti and Miguel Elías, co-directors of the San Martín Ballet since 2016, faced the Choreographic Workshop 2020 based on the projects that had been presented in February; of course, at the time they did not imagine that they would never be seen live. Miguel says: “There were two ways; some dancers decided to adapt the ideas they had for a stage to the virtual space: others preferred to start over from scratch ”.

-What themes appeared?

Andrea: In the longer works there are very different things but it was difficult to avoid the theme of the confinement. In one of the pieces there are three dancers, each one at home and with their children; there is nothing visibly distressing but the confinement somehow appears. Another job, Quarantined, by Benjamín Parada, is filmed in the bathroom of each dancer. Darcio Gonçalez’s focuses on the mood of the interpreters, who had to find a simple corner, a very small place in their homes.

Miguel: In the pieces that last a minute there is more humor, some things of a circus nature, some open space. They all have a certain lightness. There is a very cute duo, of a couple: he is drawing and thinking about her, who in turn is on the terrace of a very tall building. In another duo it seems that they are dancing together but in reality it is not like that, it is resolved in the edition.

Andrea: It was very interesting for them to have to use these new editing tools; for them it is very new. Agostina Scarafia, who is in Formosa spending the quarantine there, was filmed on the beach of a river. And she is seen closing doors and doors until all her companions appear, locked in little squares. Andrea Pollini, in Mar del Plata, filmed himself crawling around places in his house while the people of his family circulate normally there.

-How did the idea of ​​proposing one-minute works come about?

Miguel: As many dancers had passed the deadline to present their projects, I suggested that they think of something that would have that exact duration. And so ten more jobs appeared. It was very interesting, because it led them to think about a script, where to place the camera, the type of framing.

-How do you perceive the mood of the company after all this time of limited activity?

Andrea: Of course everyone wants to be back in the rehearsal room and back on stage. We try to invite many teachers and bring them various activities. Julio Bocca gave them a special class, we did another together with the Rio de Janeiro Ballet; we organize yoga and physical training activities. That is, different stimuli; But what dancers want is to be dancing or at least to train in a place that is appropriate for their profession.

The works can be seen from this Friday, October 2 at 8 p.m., at The program stays there for a week.



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