Sinopharm CEO Liu Jingzhen announced on Wednesday on WeChat, a kind of Chinese WhatsApp, that among these vaccinated people are students who have gone abroad, diplomats, construction workers, medical staff and from airports.

The operation took place as part of an emergency program launched in July.

The protocol provides for the injection of three sera – two from Sinopharm and one from Sinovac, another Chinese pharmaceutical company.

According to Liu Jingzhen, none of the people vaccinated by Sinopharm reported any serious side effects. He only admitted that some found swelling at the sting or had a benign fever.

In particular, the CEO of Sinopharm points out that no vaccinated person has contracted covid-19.

Sinopharm vaccine uses an inactivated virus and consists of two successive injections.

To conclude on the effectiveness of the vaccine, the company took blood samples from 40,000 participants 14 days after the second injection.

However, there are reservations, due to the absence of a control group parallel to the vaccinated one, to be given a placebo, in order to distinguish the effect of the test substance.