Health personnel have been the sector most affected after the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. Dealing with such serious situations has brought them consequences on a physical level, but above all psychological.

The Mental Health Unit of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville has developed a study at the national level to assess the psychological impact of this situation in the people of this sector.

The survey was conducted in May to 1,407 toilets from all over Spain. One in four have reported suffering from acute stress.

“Being a woman, working in a geographic area with a high rate of Covid, not feeling the support of colleagues, the stress and fear to become a source of contagion is the profile of the health professional who has been most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, “the study states.

“Healthcare personnel are at particular risk for developing stress-related symptoms. The most common are depressed mood, anxiety, irritability, and insomnia, among others “, collects the study.

But these symptoms would not end at the end of the health crisis, but rather “would extend over time”, “implying therefore medium and long-term consequences on health workers, their job satisfaction and performance”, he concludes.